Strange twists in police investigation into leaked Olympic Village documents

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DragnetSome of you may recall there is a police investigation underway on the matter of who leaked in-camera documents to do Vancouver's Olympic Village development. thought it was worth checking in with some of our sources about the status of that probe.

We have learned that a number of individuals from within City Hall have already been interviewed by the Vancouver City Police department. has also found out the police are not planning to meet with at least a couple of key players because they asked for their lawyers to be present for any interrogation.

Imagine that...the audacity of asking for legal representation while being interviewed by the police, and it appears that the VPD are taking a pass. I wonder what the Law Society would think of that?

It looks like the police investigation will grind on over the coming weeks until this little detail is resolved. A separate investigation is also being undertaken by a barrister hired by the City of Vancouver. Let's hope that in the end the perpetrator gets caught.


One wonders if Vision is in any hurry to identify the leak. Imagine if it turns out that the leak was done by a Vision insider. Would this invalidate the election results? Not likely. But it would do nothing to stem the increasingly bad smell eminating from the mayor's office.

Doubtful anything will come of this. The leak and the smear campaign was a calculated negative hit and the press co-operated perfectly. Negative advertising works and they knew it. The bonus was that this didn't need to be be advertised and paid for, it went around like wild fire in the media.

The Robertson campaign new exactly what they were doing after finding a useful item late in the race. They also knew that the in-camera meeting was just what they would do anyway. The public bought it but nothing will change.

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