Dear Mission Council, Don't you f*cking get it??

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rendering of Silverdale, BC sprawl plan

In a move that our kids will look back upon as a crime, Mission City Council in Vancouver's depressed Highway 7 suburb is ramming through bylaws to approve the largest new sprawl development in Western Canada. According to CKNW the council is planning to push through bylaws that will pave the way for lots of new pavement by December 23rd.

Oh, really? Merry Christmas.

I wrote about Silverdale earlier and provided a better look at the plan, including a Google Earth link that gives you some indication of the devastation this project will bring.

How many of these stupid, f*cking sprawl developments do we have to build to prove they simply make no economic sense? They are hugely inefficient in terms of our resources, they are a critical ingredient in global warming, they do not produce good neighbourhoods or good neighbours because everyone is in their bloody car all day. AND they have helped to cripple the US economy for future generations.

Mission, BC, has a downtown that sorely needs renewal. Mission has suffered from some of the most oppressive drug problems in the province thanks in part to the despair that bad, low density development encourages. A "pro-sprawl" Mission council was voted in on November 15th, but it's time for Premier Campbell to step in and override any shameful, selfish, shortsighted attempts to build another sprawl community -- especially in the days before the Christmas holidays when people are focused elsewhere.

Metro Vancouver mayors must band together and take a stand against Silverdale. Mayor Watt, I hope you will take the leadership on this in light of your own efforts in neighbouring Surrey. MLA Randy Hawes should also involve himself in this file, which is a true test of the Premier's commitment to reducing BC's carbon footprint.

At the very least young people must wake up to what Mission City Council is putting forth. If not today, then I hope those who passed this project will someday feel deep shame for their part in destroying the livability of our region.


The attack on our farmland is seriously ramping up. Look what's also happening in Chilliwack:

People should be seriously concerned about our food security, considering a context of climate change and peak oil. See what the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture and Lands said in their B.C.'s Food Self-Reliance report ( ) as to how much more land we need just to meet the needs of the province's projected population in 2025, ceteris paribus. Instead, we're losing thousands of hectares to developer-friendly municipalities.

If people want this to stop, you need to contact your local and provincial politicians and tell them; write letters to the editor; support your local farmers; join the Farmland Defense League, etc.

Thanks for the links, Rick. Good advice to our readers.

The only way we can afford the lifestyle which we are used to is by densification. Urban sprawl raises the cost of good infrastructure exponentialy and in fact makes it unaffordable.

This is what you get when your provincial government invests in freeways. Sprawl. Kill Gateway.

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