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Is Canada awash with good blogs that focus on issues of concern to our cities? The simple answer is no. That’s why we’ve introduced

Don’t get us wrong, there are some excellent bloggers out there who cover Canada’s most junior level of government, and we'll be linking to you here soon. But there remains no single gathering spot where folks interested in civic government, and the politics that govern it, can caucus.

Arguably the most important level of government in terms of day to day impact on your life is civic government. It doesn’t get nearly as much attention as provincial, state or federal governments receive. wants to change this.

This online journal will be designed to raise the profile of city issues, while also keeping you up to date with the latest news, views, high and low points of your city politicians.

We will invite some of Canada’s top minds to become our guest editorialists. Their topics will include issues such as homelessness, density, fairness in taxation, campaign financing, openness and transparency and a whole lot more.

A special section called the Best of Blog, will provide you with links to some great urban bloggers and columnists, as well as up-to-date analysis of what urban bloggers/columnists are writing about. Best of Blog will also include a “De-spin Cycle”. Watch us take an in-depth look at your favourite city blogger/columnists to see if there is any bias in between those lines.

Our site will also include a special City Focus section whereby we will give special attention to Canada’s three major urban centres and the issues they are grappling to make their cities a more liveable place to be. Focus on Vancouver and Focus on Toronto will be launched in December, with Focus on Montreal being launched in ’09.

Our goal is to make a vital and integral part of the urban dialogue in Canada. What you see today is our "Beta" website. Stay tuned to as it evolves in the weeks ahead in preparation for our official launch in January.


Interesting to look at this and see what theaspirations were. Do you think you have achieved them?

Yes, more actually. I think we've been able to turn the light on municipal affairs like few venues have before. You only need to go back into a 2008 time machine to remember how dull and under-served it was.

We may have not had the resources or time to accomplish some of the national topics, but we do continue to monitor and share what's happening outside Vancouver especially through our Twitter feed.

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