City management body count: who's in & who's out?

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checklist.jpgFor 12th & Cambie watchers, the firing of Judy Rogers caps off a little over a year of significant changes in senior management at City Hall. Added up, it's a hugely significant change of leadership. Here's our score card so far...

OUT goes Judy Rogers, City Manager - IN comes Penny Ballem

OUT goes Mayor Sam Sullivan, - IN comes Gregor Robertson

OUT goes Estelle Lo, City's CFO - position still vacant

OUT goes Mike Zora, Head of Human Resources - IN comes Kevin Ramsay

OUT goes Catherine Clement, Director of Communications - IN comes Laurie Best (wife of Brent Humphrey, Vision Vancouver Director of Communications - Mayor's Office)

OUT goes Jacquie Forbes-Roberts, Head of Community Services - IN comes Dave McLelland

OUT goes Brent MacGregor, Deputy City Manager - IN comes James Ridge and Jody Andrews

OUT goes Syd Baxter, City Clerk, IN comes Marg Coulson

With the new City Manager Ballem in charge, are there more significant changes to come? Rest assured that plans to be a fly-on-the-wall for Ballem's first corporate management team meeting.

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Robertson has a long way to go to catch up to the number of people that left under Sullivan's reign as Mayor. In fact Sullivan will probably hold this record for awhile.

Senior staff who have retired or left their jobs between 2002 and 2005.

1/ Rick Scobie- Director of Development & Building Services,
2/ Jamie H. Graham - Chief Constable,
3/ Bob Rich - Deputy Chief Constable,
4/ Clyde Hosein Director Facility Development of Facility Design & Management,Corporate Services,
5/ Bruce Maitland of Director of Real Estate Services,
6/ Brent MacGregor - deputy city manager,
7/ Larry Beasley - Co-director of Planning,
8/ Ann McAfee - Co-Director of Planning.,
9/ Syd Baxter - City Clerk,
10/ Jacqui Forbes Roberts - Director of Community Services,
11/ Jeff Brooks - Director of Social Planning,
12/ Catherine Clement - Director of Communications,
13/ Paul Tiechroeb - Director of Permits and Licenses,
14/ Mike Zora Director of Human Resources,
15/ Estelle Lo - Director of Finance, 16/ Tom Osdoba- Manager, Sustainability Group,
17/ Larry Berglund -Manager, Materials Management

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