BREAKING NEWS: Judy Rogers fired! Dr. Penny Ballem now City Manager

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Judy, you're fired!


Councillor Suzanne Anton on CKNW has revealed that Dr. Penny Ballem is now the new City Manager. More news to follow at

You will recall that Ballem left the provincial government a while back. Check out this link on CBC online for more info on that issue.

What we don't know from this breaking news is whether Rogers will remain on the Board of Directors for both 2010 Legacies Now or VANOC. These are two very influential positions in the province that provided her the opportunity to wield considerable power.

The phone lines are burning up, and sources from within City Hall are telling that Rogers had a private meeting with Mayor Robertson and a "delegation" last Friday. By all accounts, Robertson told Rogers of her fate then.

As a side note, Ballem's partner Marion Lay, Olympic medallist and former CEO of 2010 Legacies Now, used to be the City's representative on VANOC, before Sullivan replaced her with A&W executive John Mooney.

This is going to have very large repercussions within the upper management in City Hall.

The next big shoe to drop will be how BIG the severance package was. Given Rogers was making about $300K, expect that it will be significant. CKNW is reporting that Robertson is refusing to disclose how much the "mutual agreement" between Rogers and the Mayor will cost taxpayers. Wasn't this supposed to be a new, open and transparent City Hall?

Read the release from City Hall.


Well, well, well, I didn't think Vision had the collective balls to fire her. Sure makes Raymond Louie look stupid and uninformed after coming out the day after the election with "Judy, don't worry about your job." Was he lying or just clueless?

Now the only person Vision and Gregor can blame for anything is Anton. And I see she's come out with some strong statements of her own about Gregor's sudden penchant for secrecy now that he's been elected. So many broken campaign promises already.

Not sure what you expected. The Vision administration will bring about huge changes at City Hall. They were elected with a huge majority and they have a serious agenda. We may not agree with it but I certainly understand it when they make moves to take control of City Hall. I am not sure what you mean when you state that Judy's departure "is going to have very large repercussions within the upper management in City Hall". If you mean that there are likely other senior staff changes in the works, I would suspect you are correct.

Again, Vision has an agenda and they will be implementing it. They will need to be held accountable for all of their actions that flow from that agenda.

Good to see Gregor and team cleaning out the "garbage" at city hall. Rogers was one of the reasons that worker morale is at an all time low, and management-union relations are non-existant, at best, in most or all city departments. Sorry, but ex-Mayor Sammy is not fully to blame for that brutal strike last year. I'm glad to see Gregor making good on his promise for changes

Thank you for your comments, Doc. It should be noted that Ms. Rogers' reputation as an evil dictator seems to be propagated by those with an obvious political stake in tearing her down. There are no shortage of anonymous blog comments and unattributed quotes in Allen Garr's columns about Rogers. It's unfortunate that no one has gone on the record as to what her actual sins are. I keep hearing about low morale at City Hall, but every city staffer I've ever come in contact with seems to truly love their job and working for the city.

Whether this is the usual grousing about a boss by subordinates, or a legitimate case of the former City Manager's weaknesses as head of Vancouver's civil service will have to be explored in more depth by others.

There is much evidence that Rogers had a "my way or the highway" approach when dealing with politicians, but that still hasn't prevented former mayors Larry Campbell, Philip Owen or Sam Sullivan from singing her praises. I'm not sure that Penny Ballem will be any more flexible.

Vancouver was recently rated as one of the country's best workplaces. Our city has a reputation as being one of the best managed in the world with the most creative and progressive practices for development. How all that happens with a tyrant at the top and the staff dreading their employer is a mystery to me.

The main reason is masonic members at city hall and mannitoba works yard is at an all time high with 90 percent of all managers in sewers dept being masons. Judy was informed of this and continued to do nothing for several years...............

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