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The crack editorial team at recently met on the 37th floor of our smoke-filled boardroom and came up with our first annual highlights (and be the judge) of news coming out of BC cities in 2008. In future we hope to have our lists for cities in other provinces, but we're just in the process of unpacking the mahogany furniture in our satellite offices, so in 2009 we will have a full complement.

2008 Top Ten City Stories

  • 10. hits the blogosphere in December (ok...this one is a little self serving, but what the heck!)
  • 9. Metro Vancouver cities hit with "snowmageddon" and handle it very poorly as snow-filled streets are littered with abandoned vehicles.
  • 8. Police in West Vancouver begin an investigation into alleged wrongdoings in the recent civic election. If the allegations are proven true, one or several civic politicians will be looking for another line of work.
  • 7. A barrister is hired in Vancouver to investigate the leaking of in-camera documents related to the Olympic Village development. No one can recall the last time a barrister was hired by the City to conduct this type of investigation.
  • 6. Jamie Graham leaves the Vancouver police force amidst controversy only to resurface in Victoria [amidst controversy] as the new Chief of Police. We think the departure of the former Chief of Police in Victoria should also be referenced in this sixth place mention.
  • 5. The controversial EcoDensity initiative passes with a unanimous Council vote.
  • 4. Vancouver Police confirm an investigation is underway to determine who leaked the Olympic Village documents to the Globe and Mail's Gary Mason.
  • 3. Popular Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts wins a resounding victory and her second term in office.
  • 2. Peter Ladner says he wants to save the NPA from "heading on the rocks". Then the SS NPA heads full steam to run aground on a political sandbar and the NPA face their worst electoral defeat in history. As a result, former NDP MLA Gregor Robertson becomes new Mayor of Vancouver and promises to end homelessness.

AND the number one 2008 story related to BC cities is...

  • 1. Port Coquitlam Mayor Scott Young pleads guilty for putting the smack on his former girlfriend. He stays on as mayor, then he decides to run for council...then the voters send him packing.

What do you think? Are there some stories we might have missed? Are there some stories you are watching in 2009? Leave a comment or email us at wishes all our readers a safe and Happy New Year! Remember...don't blog and drive.

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