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Three years ago today Daniel Fontaine and I were exchanging emails and phone calls over his idea to run a political blog. The biggest struggle was what to call it. Our criteria included that the name had to connote cities, as we were urban dwellers interested in politics and policy. Furthermore it had to suggest a conversation, a place where people would meet and share opinions and ideas. Lastly the domain name had to be available, as neither one of us wanted to bargain with a domain re-seller.

Thus CityCaucus.com was born.

Three years later we're proud and somewhat amazed with where this blog has gone. 4.7 million page views, over 4,000 Twitter followers, 2,000+ posts from dozens of contributors, and tens of thousands of comments. Our ground rules were simple. Do not let the writing on this blog spiral into name-calling. Make sure our facts were sound. Manage comments for rude language and libelous claims. Whenever possible, keep it fun.

The candidate pictured above is not to blame for COPE's demise

In lieu of new content here at CityCaucus.com, we will continue to republish Daniel Fontaine's 24 Hours column here as usual.

The civic campaign is over and the volunteers have packed their bags and gone home from one more election. Only a couple of days after the streamers were swept from the floor of Vision Vancouver’s victory party, the post-mortems for the COPE and NPA parties have begun.

In the case of COPE, the candidates were all but annihilated after electing only a single school trustee. This is despite signing a deal with Vision Vancouver that was supposed to secure the victory of three city councillors. But in the end “the deal” was more of a bust. That’s because a significant number of Vision Vancouver’s supporters weren’t willing to mark an X beside COPE candidates at the ballot box.


Staff at CityCaucus.com have all been provided with a well deserved holiday break. We won't be writing new material for the blog in the next few weeks, but will keep you posted on where we go from here. Stay tuned!

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